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Discontinuing Locations - Update 2023-11-18

18th Nov 2023

Dear MrVM Clients!

After careful considerations and evaluation, the following Locations will be discontinued. Any Services deployed on the affected Servers terminate on the Dates shown below.
The decision to take this step was not taken lightly. MrVM is ensuring that anyone affected has at least a month (or more), to find a suitable alternative arrangement.

Current Services: Any time remaining on the services after the closure date will be added to your account balance (calculated by days remaining).

Closing Locations - Europe:

  • Dronten-NL (Closure-Date: 2023-12-30)
  • BG (Closure-Date: 2023-12-30)


Closing Locations - US:

  • West Virginia/WV (Closure-Date: 2023-12-30)
  • Seattle/SEA (Closure-Date: 2023-12-30)
  • Ashburn/ASH (Closure-Date: 2023-12-30)
  • Hillsboro/Hills (Closure-Date: 2023-12-30)
  • ATL/Atlanta (Closure-Date: 2023-12-30)


Closing Locations - Other:

  • Sydney (Closure-Date: 2024-01-01)



When setting out on the journey of improving MrVM and making it sustainable, one of my aims/goals was transparency about the process.
In this Section you will find the reasoning for The discontinuation of the service locations listed above.

Dronten-NL: Better Location available in .NL. Future Services delivered in Amsterdam. Low-User-Count (Before: ≤ 40 Services/Now:  ≤ 30).

BG/Bulgaria: Outdated OS (OVZ6), No ‘safe’/reasonable upgrade-Path to a modern Kernel/Userland.

WV: Very Low User Count (Before: ≤ 25/Now: ≤ 20), Supplier would like to discontinue this service, or move it to a different Location/IP.

SEA: Very Low User Count (Before: ≤ 40/Now: ≤ 30)

ASH: Very Low User Count (Before/Now: ≤ 20)

Hills: Very Low User Count (Before: ≤ 20/Now: = 15)

ATL: Moderate User Count, but not enough to sustain its operational cost. // Consolidating US-Locations. A replacement location will be online soon (LXC based).

Sydney: Supplier Side Price increase on Jan 15. Total Cost to operate this location would increase by  about 8 to 10x.


Remaining Locations:

Any other locations should remain operational, if nothing unexpected happens (such as supplier side price increases).


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